‘Round About Midnight, Bugis Street.

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*Also includes film locations from “Saint Jack”(1979), “Bugis Street”(1995) & “Wit’s End”(1969).

(Note: Click on the panoramic images to view them at full resolution.)


06-1-Intertitle-Round-about-midnight 06-2-Bugis-Street-sign 06-3-Intertitle-Midnight-Mar-1967 06-4a-Bugis-Street-crowd 06-4b-Intertitle-cheap-hawker-open-air-dining 06-4c-Intertitle-labyrinth-Bugis-St-food 06-5a-Bugis-Street-trades 06-5b-Bugis-Street-trades 06-6a-Bugis-Street-why-me 06-6b-Intertitle-Bugis-Street-tic-tac-toe-noughts-crosses 06-7a-Bugis-Street-transvestite 06-7b-Bugis-Street-transvestite 06-7c-Bugis-Street-transvestite 06-8-Bugis-Street-transvestite 06-9a-Intertitle-Bugis-St-pickup 06-9b-Bugis-Street-soliciting 06-10-newspaper-bugis-he-girls06-11-Bugis-St-sister 06-12-newspaper-bugis-st-trans-home 06-13-newspaper-bugis-st-trans 06-14-Bugis-St-sister 06-15a-Intertitle-2.45am 06-15b-newspaper-bugis-pickpockets 06-16a-Intertitle-2.50am 06-16b-newspaper-bugis-soliciting 06-17-Bugis-St-sister 06-18a-Intertitle-5am 06-18b-newspaper-bugis-prostitution 06-19-newspaper-bugis-st-clampdown 06-20-Bugis-St-sister06-21a-Intertitle-from-tonight 06-21b-Bugis-st-roundup 06-22a-Intertitle-1am 06-22b-newspaper-bugis-trans 06-23a-PORTRAIT OF TRANSVESTITES AT BUGIS STREET STPB PICAS 06-23b-HAWKER STALLS AT BUGIS STREET STPB PICAS 06-23c-NIGHT TIME CROWD AT BUGIS STREET STPB PICAS 06-24-Intertitle-sunday-morning 06-25-newspaper-bugis-st-toilet-rooftop-dancing 06-26a-TOILET-NIGHT TIME CROWD AT BUGIS STREET STPB PICAS 06-26b-Intertitle-Bugis-st-infamous-toilet 06-26c-Flat-roof-toilet-bugis-st 06-27-Victoria Street, Bugis Street-1985 06-28-newspaper-bugis-st-toilet 06-29-Bugis Street map overlays toilet 06-30a-Intertitle-day 06-30b-Bugis Street from Victoria Street  general view 1978 06-30c-Bugis Street from Victoria Street  general view 198206-31a-Intertitle-night 06-31b-BUGIS STREET KF WONG 1962 PICAS 06-31c-BUGIS STREET KF WONG 1962 PICAS 06-31d-BUGIS STREET KF WONG 1962 PICAS 06-32a-Bugis-St-from-Saint-Jack-1978 06-32b-Intertitle-night-film-location-st-jack 06-32c-Bugis-St-from-Saint-Jack-1978 06-32d-Bugis-St-from-Saint-Jack-1978 06-32e-Bugis-St-from-Saint-Jack-1978-photo-album 06-32f-Bugis-St-from-Saint-Jack-1978 06-32g-Bugis-St-from-Saint-Jack-1978-bridgit-ang 06-32h-Intertitle-night-film-location-wits-end 06-32i-Bugis-St-from-Wits-End-1969 06-32j-Bugis-St-from-Wits-End-1969 06-33a-Intertitle-night-film-location-bugis-st 06-33b-new-BugisSt-from-Bugis-St-1995 06-33c-Intertitle-kitschy-new-bugis-st 06-33d-new-BugisSt-from-Bugis-St-1995 06-33e-Intertitle-new-bugis-st-fake-toilet 06-33f-new-BugisSt-from-Bugis-St-1995-that-toilet 06-34a-map-1959-old-new-bugis-st 06-34b-DINERS AT BUGIS STREET (EARLY 1990S) PICAS 06-34c-DINERS AT BUGIS STREET (EARLY 1990S) PICAS 06-34d-Intertitle-timeless-simulacra 06-34e-The Straits Times, 26 November 1988, Page 20 06-34f-ARTIST'S IMPRESSION OF BUGIS STREET AFTER REDEVELOPMENT (LATE 1980S) STPB PICAS 06-34g-newspaper-new-bugis-st 06-34h-REDEVELOPMENT OF BUGIS STREET (EARLY 1990S) PICAS 06-34i-AN AERIAL VIEW OF BUGIS STREET UNDER REDEVELOPMENT(LATE 1980S) STPB PICAS OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 06-34k-newspapers-in-its-own-time 06-34l-New-Bugis-Street-entrance-Queen-St-2013 06-34m-New-Bugis-Street-off-ChengYanPlace-2013 06-34n-New-Bugis-Street-2013 06-34o-New-Bugis-Street-towards-Victoria-St-2013 06-34p-New-Bugis-Street-from-Bugis-Junction-201306-35a-Intertitle-Bugis-Junction 06-35b-Bugis-Junction-old-street-layout-2013 06-35c-Bugis-Junction-2013 06-35d-Bugis-Junction-Barney-2013 06-35e-Bugis-Junction-Glass-roofs-cameras-2013 06-35f-Bugis-junction-simulated-shophouses-palms-2013 06-35g-Bugis-Junction-Awards-2013 06-36a-View of construction site of Bugis Junction. 1991 MITA PICAS 06-36b-Intertitle-dies-tonight 06-36c-newspapers-relocate 06-36d-newspapers-10hours-a-day 06-36e-Bugis-Street-1985-PICAS 06-37a-Bugis-Street-it's-late 06-37b-Intertitle-timetogo 06-37c-Bugis-Street-invitation 06-37d-Intertitle-party-moves 06-37e-Bugis-Street-to-the-trishaws 06-37f-Bugis-Street-trishaws 06-37g-Trishaw-racing-sultan-mosque




Part 1 – Pretty Polly’s Ambulatory Gaze in a Former Colonial Town of Her Forebears’ Empire.
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This is Part 8 – ‘Round About Midnight, Bugis Street.



6 comments on “‘Round About Midnight, Bugis Street.

  1. Ben says:

    Amazing. Hats off. Bravo. Phenomenal.

  2. Malcolm Young says:

    Brilliantly researched and presented. Again. I grew up with older relatives telling me various stories of Bugis Street, as they had passed through Singapore in the 1960s or 1970s – it’s great to see such a well documented post describing the whole thing.

  3. Karen Yeo says:

    I’m Singaporean and I was born and bred in Singapore. I find this phenomenal. It brings a sense of nostalgia, but a little sad that Singapore has lost so much of its character. Its nice to be reminded of an interesting past though. Thank you for putting this together.

  4. Rolly Rolston says:

    I am an ex soldier from NZ that served with the ANZUK Force in the early 70’s. Great memories and times at Bugi Strasus. Especially thwe dance of the flaming aresoles.

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