Where They Confess Their Love For Each Other.

continued from the last post: “Where Sojourners Make Acquaintance.

02-1-Film-still-Nilam-1949-RiverFestival-AlkaffGardens? 02-2-Intertitle-RiverFestival 02-3-Film-still-Nilam-1949-RiverFestival-AlkaffGardens? 02-4-Intertitle-couples-in-love 02-5-Film-still-Nilam-1949-RiverFestival-AlkaffGardens? 02-6-Intertitle-delicious-intimations 02-7-Film-still-Nilam-1949-RiverFestival-AlkaffGardens? 02-8-Fiction-reality-alkaffgardens? 02-12-Alkaffgardens,from_PICAS 02-10-Alkaffgardens-brief-history 02-11-Map-1931-UpperSerangoonRoad-Bidadari-Cemetery-Alkaff-Gardens 02-9-Alkaffgardens-postcard 02-13-Boating_in_Alkaffgardens,from_PICAS 02-14-The Singapore-Free-Press-20April1948-Page 2 02-15-Aerial-photo-Alkaff-Gardens,1950 02-16-TheStraitTimes-23May1964-Page 17 02-17-Willow-Avenue-Secondary-Sch-1967 02-18-Map1931-layered-GoogleEarth2013 02-19-AlkaffGardens-Other-matters-prevail-today 02-20-Cedar-Girls'-Secondary-School 02-21-Cedar-Girls'-Secondary-School,from-Former-Bidadari-Cemetery 02-22-Between-Former-Bidari-Cemetery-and-Cedar-Girls'-Secondary-School 02-23-St.John's-Home-For-The-Aged 02-24-Sennett-Estate 02-25-Former-Bidadari-Cemetery 02-26-A-Bidadari-tombstone-displaced-to-Vernon-Park 02-27-MountVernonSanctuary-pagoda,VernonPark-from-Bidadari-Cemetery 02-28-The-minaret-of-Masjid-Alkaff-Serangoon-in-the-shadows-of-Nin-residence-under-construction 02-29-Alkaff-Avenue 02-30-Alkaff-Avenue 02-31-Shophouses-along-Alkaff-Avenue-being-demolished 02-32-Shophouses-along-Alkaff-Avenue-being-demolished 02-33-Shophouses-along-Alkaff-Avenue-being-demolished 02-34-Shophouses-along-Alkaff-Avenue-being-demolished 02-35-Shophouses-along-Alkaff-Avenue-being-demolished 02-36-Shophouses-along-Alkaff-Avenue-being-demolished 02-37-Shophouses-along-Alkaff-Avenue-demolished


Photographs above by Hun Ping (2013):

1 & 2 – Cedar Girls’ Secondary School, the former site of Alkaff Gardens.
3 – The fence between Cedar Girls’ and former Bidadari Cemetery.
4 – St. John’s Home For The Aged.
5 – Sennett Estate.
6 – Former Bidadari Cemetery.
7 – A tombstone from former Bidadari cemetery displaced to Vernon Park.
8 – Former Bidadari Cemetery. Mount Vernon Sanctuary pagoda in the distance.
9 – The minaret of Masjid Alkaff Serangoon in the shadows of Nin Residence.
10 & 11 – Alkaff Avenue.
12 to 16 – Shophouses along Alkaff Avenue being demolished.
17 – A coloured balloon signals the launch of a new condominium.
18 – Shophouses along Alkaff Avenue demolished.


To be continued in the next post.


Part 1 – Where Sojourners Make Acquaintance.
This is Part 2. Where They Confess Their Love For Each Other.
Part 3 – Of Rugged Landscapes, Mysterious Rock Caverns, Slavery and Rehabilitated Granite Quarries.


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