Of Rugged Landscapes, Mysterious Rock Caverns, Slavery and Rehabilitated Granite Quarries.

continued from the last post “Where They Confess Their Love For Each Other“.

03-1-Film-stills-Nilam-1949-Rock-cliffs,granite 03-2-adventure-to-find-blue-jewel 03-3-Film-stills-Nilam-1949-Rock-cliffs,granite 03-4-harshlandscapes,granite-rock-cliffs 03-5-Film-stills-Nilam-1949-Harsh-landscapes-induce_ailments 03-6-Harsh-landscapes-induce_ailments 03-7-Film-stills-Nilam-1949-Harsh-landscapes-induce_ailments 03-8-flying-wooden-horse 03-9-Film-stills-Nilam-1949-Rock-cliffs,granite,wooden-flying-horse 03-10-Entrance-rock-caverns-hidden-jewel03-11-Film-stills-Nilam-1949-Granite-rock-caverns-hidden-jewel 03-12-Elsewhere,similarly-harsh-landscape 03-13-Film-stills-Nilam-1949-Granite-Quarry-slaves 03-14-Granite-Quarry-master-exploit-slaves-labour 03-15-Film-stills-Nilam-1949-Granite-Quarry-slaves


03-16-Granite-rock-outrcrops 03-17-Filmed-on-location-Singapore-Granite-quarries? 03-18-Pulo-Ubin-Quarry-Face-No.2-1912,fromPICAS 03-19-Simplified geological map of Singapore, from 'Construction & Utilisation of Rock Caverns in the Bukit Timah Granite of Singapore' 1995 03-20-Geo-terms 03-21-Extractive Industries 1966, from Wong Poh Poh, 'The Changing Landscapes of Singapore Island' in Ooi Jin-Bee (ed) 'Modern Singapore', 1969. 03-22-GraniteQuarrying-BukitTimah,BtPanjang,Gombak,Batok,Bt.Mandai,PUbin 03-23-Two-of-BtTimahQuarries-aerialphoto,1950 03-24-DairyFarmQuarries-map,1961 03-25-DairyFarmQuarry,SingaporeGraniteQuarry,BukitTimah.Hillview.early1960s 03-25-SinSengQuarry-map,1961 03-26-Sin Seng Quarry, from 'Climb Singapore,the_climber's_handbook',2010,ClimbAsiaPteLtd 03-27-BtPanjang,BtGombakQuarries-map,1961 03-28-BukitGombak-LittleGuilin-'under-construction',1986 03-29-BukitGombak-LittleGuilin-'under-construction',1986 03-30-BtMandaiQuarries-map,1961 03-31-MandaiQuarry,1993 03-32-MandaiQuarry,2000s,UAF 03-33-MandaiQuarry,2000s,UAF 03-34-PulauUbinQuarries-map,1961 03-35-The Straits Times, 3 February 1951, Page 6


03-36-Where-Man-Wrecks-Havoc 03-37-Suspending-Rock-Walls_Fascinate 03-38-0-Bukit-Timah-Quarries03-38-1-Former-Sin-Seng-Quarry 03-38-2-Former-Sin-Seng-Quarry 03-38-3-Former-Sin-Seng-Quarry,rock-face 03-38-4-Former-Sin-Seng-Quarry 03-38-5-Pitcher-plant,former-Sin-Seng-Quarry 03-38-6-Former-Sin-Seng-Quarry,filled-up-with-Kranji-earth 03-38-7-Former-Sin-Seng-Quarry 03-38-8-Former-Sin-Seng-Quarry,adjacent-to-expressway 03-38-9-Former-Gate-to-Sin-Seng-Quarry? 03-39-10-Former-Hindhede-Quarry 03-39-11-Former-Hindhede-Quarry 03-40-12-From-the-top-of-former-Singapore-Granite-Quarry,overlooking-the-quarry-lake,BukitTimah 03-40-13-SingaporeQuarryPark,former-Singapore-Granite-Quarry 03-40-14-SingaporeQuarryPark,former-Singapore-Granite-Quarry 03-41-15-Former-RDC-Dairy-Farm-Quarry 03-41-16-Former-RDC-Dairy-Farm-Quarry 03-41-17-Former-RDC-Dairy-Farm-Quarry

Photos above by Hun Ping:
1 to 4 – Former Sin Seng Quarry.
5 – Former Sin Seng Quarry. A Rather Large-Sized Pitcher Plant.
6 – Former Sin Seng Quarry used to be 55 metres deep. It is now filled up with earth that came from excavation work at the Kranji Race Course site.
7 – Former Sin Seng Quarry.
8 – Former Sin Seng Quarry. Adjacent to the expressway.
9 – Former gateway to Sin Seng Quarry?
10 & 11 – Former Hindhede Quarry.
12 – From Bukit Timah Hill, overlooking the former Singapore Granite Quarry lake.
13 & 14 – Singapore Quarry Park, former Singapore Granite Quarry.
15 to 17 – Former Dairy Farm Quarry. Now popular with rock-climbers.

03-42-00-Mandai-Gali-Batu03-42-18-En-route-to-Former-Gali-Batu-Quarry 03-42-19-En-route-to-Former-Gali-Batu-Quarry,MRT-DowntownLine-Depot,Former-Teochew-Cemetery 03-42-20-En-route-to-Former-Gali-Batu-Quarry03-42-21-En-route-to-Former-Gali-Batu-Quarry,like-cotton 03-42-22-En-route-to-Former-Gali-Batu-Quarry 03-42-23-Former-Gali-Batu-Quarry,the-smaller,quarry-lake 03-42-24-Former-Gali-Batu-Quarry,the-larger,fallen-balloons 03-42-25-Former-Gali-Batu-Quarry 03-42-26-Former-Gali-Batu-Quarry,the-larger 03-42-27-Former-Gali-Batu-Quarry,the-larger 03-42-28-Former-Gali-Batu-Quarry,the-larger 03-42-29-Former-Gali-Batu-Quarry,the-larger

Photos above by Hun Ping:
18 – En route to Former Gali Batu Quarry. Off Woodlands Road.
19 – En route to Former Gali Batu Quarry. New MRT Downtown Line Depot on the right. On the site of the former Kwong Hou Sua Teochew Chinese Cemetery.
20 to 22 – En route to Former Gali Batu Quarry.
23 – Former Gali Batu Quarry. The smaller one. Deep water.
24 to 27 – In the vicinity of the Former Gali Batu Quarry.
28 & 29 – Former Gali Batu Quarry. The larger one.

03-43-00-BukitPanjang,Gombak,Batok03-43-30-BukitPanjang,Former-Quarry 03-43-31-BukitGombak,Former-Seng-Chew-Quarry 03-43-32-BukitGombak,Former-Seng-Chew-Quarry 03-43-33-BukitGombak,Former-Seng-Chew-Quarry 03-43-34-BukitGombak,Former-Seng-Chew-Quarry 03-43-35-BukitGombak,Former-Seng-Chew-Quarry 03-43-36-BukitGombak,Former-Seng-Chew-Quarry 03-43-37-BukitBatok,Former-Poh-Kim-Quarry 03-43-38-BukitBatok,Former-Poh-Kim-Quarry 03-43-39-BukitBatok,Former-Poh-Kim-Quarry 03-43-40-BukitBatok,Former-Poh-Kim-Quarry 03-43-41-BukitGombak,Former-Gammon-Granite-Quarry,Little-Guilin

Photos above by Hun Ping:
30 – Former Granite Quarry on Bukit Panjang hill.
31 & 32 – Former Seng Chew Quarry at Bukit Gombak.
33 – In the vicinity of Former Seng Chew Quarry. Praying.
34 & 35 – In the vicinity of Former Seng Chew Quarry. Hermitary.
36 – Former Seng Chew Quarry. Quarry Lake.
37 & 38 – Former Poh Kim Quarry. Quarry Lake.
39 & 40 – Former Poh Kim Quarry. Now within the Bukit Batok Nature Park.
41 – Former Gammon Granite Quarry. Now known as “Little Guilin”. Within the Bukit Batok Town Park.

03-44-00-Pulau-Ubin-Quarries03-44-42-Pulau-Ubin,Pekan-Quarry-Lake,former-Ho-Man-Choo-Quarry03-44-43-Pulau-Ubin,next-to-Pekan-Quarry,Fo-Shan-Ting-Da-Bo-Gong-Temple 03-44-44-Pulau-Ubin,next-to-Pekan-Quarry,Fo-Shan-Ting-Da-Bo-Gong-Temple,incense-in-granite 03-44-45-Pulau-Ubin,UbinQuarry,Bukit-Puaka,graffiti-on-granite 03-44-46-Pulau-Ubin,UbinQuarry,Bukit-Puaka,graffiti-on-granite 03-44-47-Pulau-Ubin,UbinQuarryLake 03-44-48-Pulau-Ubin,UbinQuarry,Bukit-Puaka-hilltop 03-44-49-Pulau-Ubin,En-route-to-KekekQuarry,former-Wat-Siam,Thai-Buddhist-Temple 03-44-50-Pulau-Ubin,Near-KetamQuarry,German-Girl-Shrine 03-44-51-Pulau-Ubin,KetamQuarryLake 03-44-52-Pulau-Ubin,Near-KetamQuarry,abandoned_floating-kelong,destroyed-jetty? 03-44-53-Pulau-Ubin,Near-KekekQuarry,abandoned-jetty 03-44-54-Pulau-Ubin,KekekQuarryLake 03-44-55-PulauUbin,KekekQuarry,TianCi,1991,from-a-scouts-hiking-report

Photos above by Hun Ping:
42 – Pekan Quarry Lake. Former Ho Man Choo Quarry.
43 & 44 – In the vicinity of Pekan Quarry. Fo Shan Ting Da Bo Gong Temple. 乌敏岛佛山亭大伯公庙.
45 & 46 – Graffiti on the granite rocks of Puaka Hilltop. Ubin Quarry. Former Singapore Granite Quarry.
47 – Ubin Quarry Lake. Former Singapore Granite Quarry.
48 – Puaka Hilltop. Buddhist icons.
49 – En route to Kekek Quarry. Former Thai Buddhist Temple. Jalan Wat Siam.
50 – In the vicinity of Ketam Quarry. German Girl Shrine. 拿督姑娘庙.
51 – Ketam Quarry Lake. Former Aik Hwa Quarry.
52 – A demolished jetty(?) and an abandoned floating kelong in the vicinity of Ketam Quarry.
53 – Abandoned Jetty in the vicinity of Kekek Quarry.
54 – Kekek Quarry. Former HDB Granite Quarry. Almost re-opened for use in 2007. Used to be called “天池” (Tian-chi).
55 – They hiked to “天池” (translation: Heavenly Lake). Kekek Quarry. From a Scouts Hiking Report in 1991.



Part 1 – Where Sojourners Make Acquaintance.
Part 2 – Where They Confess Their Love For Each Other.
This is Part 3. Of Rugged Landscapes, Mysterious Rock Caverns, Slavery and Rehabilitated Granite Quarries.




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